Alaskachallenge guide Service References

What our Clients Think About Us

Here are just a few of our past hunters who are happy to speak with you about their experiences with AlaskaChallenge Guide Services.  There is a mixture of hunts with hunters taking single animals and hunts where multiple animals are taken.  Feel free to call and ask anyone of our hunters about our guided hunts.

hunter references

Kim Rapila-Caribou, Grizzly, & Black bear-970-389-0160

Dain Hollenger-Bear & Moose-406-253-4725

John Baker- Grizzly, Black bear-907-230-7888

Joe Thomas-Moose, Caribou, & Grizzly-513-708-5901

Jason Matzinger-Grizzly-406-539-8096

Ricky Cherry-Bear & Moose-501-282-1751

Barrett Haugen-Spring Bear-406-539-0602

Mike Papac-Moose-907-401-0231

Tom Miller-Bear, Moose, & Caribou-970-371-1493


Jerod Brown-Grizzly-406-579-0179

John Gostaves- Moose & Grizzly-512-940-6416

Jefferson Simmons-Moose-415-933-0503

Cory Biggers-Moose & Grizzly-406-490-7023

Arron Bucecut-Moose & Grizzly-830-928-2330

Chad McCoy-Moose-937-430-4999

Kent Braeutigam-Grizzly & Caribou-904-923-0012

Clive Jones-Grizzly-509-220-8665