Alaskachallenge guide Services License and Harvest Tickets

Must have before you hunt

Make sure to purchase your hunting license prior to you traveling.  We recommend you purchase the Nonresident Annual Hunting and 14 Day Sport Fishing License. The Cost is $265.00.  You can get that [HERE].  If you have an ADF&G account then login to continue, if not, login as a guest and complete the required info. Click the Start Shopping button.  This will take you the store selection page.  Click the top left item (Sport Fishing, Hunting, Trapping Licenses & Stamps).  On the next page select the top button-bar (Short-Term Fishing License and King Salmon Stamp).  At the bottom of the page there is a box titled Short-Term Products for 2019.  Click inside the box called Select short-term license/stamp. About midway down you’ll find the selection Annual Hunt/ 14-Day Fishing License-$265. Put the start date and time in and add to cart.   Allow 2 weeks for delivery for all license and tags. In addition to the license and locking tags you’ll need your harvest tickets for Moose or Caribou. You can get your harvest tickets [HERE].  Follow the online instructions then once you receive the email with the link to the permit, click the link and print your permit.

Big Game Tags

The following state tags must be purchased for each animal in addition to acquiring the proper hunting license before hunting big game. Tag holder must carry metal locking tag and big game tag record with them in the field. The tag shall be affixed and sealed to the antlers or cape in such a manner that it cannot be removed or reused.

ResidencyTag Description2021 Price
NonresidentBrown/Grizzly Bear$1,000.00
NonresidentBlack Bear$450.00
NonresidentMuskox – Bull$2,200.00
Nonresident AlienBrown/Grizzly Bear$1,300.00
Nonresident AlienBlack Bear$600.00
Nonresident AlienBison$1,300.00
Nonresident AlienCaribou$850.00
Nonresident AlienDeer$400.00
Nonresident AlienElk$800.00
Nonresident AlienGoat$800.00
Nonresident AlienMoose$1,000.00
Nonresident AlienMuskox – Bull$3,000.00
Nonresident AlienSheep$1,100.00
Nonresident AlienWolf$100.00
Nonresident AlienWolverine$500.00
Nonresident MilitaryBrown/Grizzly Bear$25.00
Nonresident MilitaryMuskox – Bull$500.00
Nonresident MilitaryMuskox – Cow$25.00
Nonresident MilitaryGoatNo Cost
Nonresident MilitarySheepNo Cost
ResidentBrown/Grizzly Bear$25.00
ResidentMuskox – Bull$500.00
ResidentMuskox – Cow$25.00