Black Bear Hunts

Black Bear Hunting Information

AlaskaChallenge Guide Service offers the opportunity to take a Black bear on select hunts at now additional charge.  Galena's over population of Black bears makes this possible.  See the information below for some of the dates we offer this to hunters.  If you would like more information please contact us for a more detailed explanation.

Pricing and hunting dates are below:

  • May Grizzly Bear over bait hunt - May 25th thru June 10th, 7-day hunts - Free Black bear -  $67,500 plus $6,000 trophy fee
  • August boat Grizzly hunt over Salmon spawning streams (Great Fishing) - August 10-20, 20-30 - Free Black bear - $17,500
  • September boat Moose hunt - September 5-15, 15-25 - Grizzly on trophy fee - Free Black bear - $18,500
  • 14 day Moose/Grizzly combo hunt - No trophy fee - Free Black bear - $22,500

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